Doheny’s In-Ground Pool Pump Review


When it comes to finding a reliable pool pump, that delivers an outstanding performance, and at a very low and reasonable price, Doheny’s In-Ground Pool Pump’s are the best decision to make. It’s advanced engineering and its heavy-duty construction provides it with the highest efficiency, and the operation runs very smoothly and quietly. These pool pumps are properly manufactured and are uniquely designed to meet all of the necessary requirements. When a homeowner is planning on having an in-ground pool installed on their property, it will be necessary for them to purchase a pool pump that is going to get the job done properly and efficiently. Choosing to purchase Doheny’s pool pump is the best decision for them to make.

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Features of the Doheny’s In-Ground Pool Pump

This pump comes equipped with many beneficial features that make this pump worth purchasing, such as a large easy to clean filter basket and a drain plug that makes winter cleaning much more easier.

It has a stainless steel motor shaft that is corrosion proof, and is also reconstructed with a reinforced thermoplastic body which provides it with extra durability, as well as, a very long lasting life. It is a non-reversible connection only, and is prewired for 115 volts. It is a high efficiency and heavy-duty piece of equipment, and it is at an extremely low price. It also comes with a 1 year unlimited Doheny’s Pool Pump warranty.

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Testimonials of the Doheny’s In-Ground Pool Pump

As it happens with any other item you purchase, there are many individuals who have a lot to say about the Doheny’s In-Ground Pool Pump. There are many mixed reviews on the product that were very good and some were not satisfied with the product.

Some individuals had problems with the first pool pump they purchased and said that it had given out in a matter of only 30 days times, and that the propeller had given out on them when they had first tried to operate the equipment.

Despite some of the negative reviews of this product, there were a lot of positive reviews as well. There were many customers who were incredibly satisfied with the pool pump. The satisfied customers have claimed that this pool pump was able to move a lot of water, and that they were able to find it satisfactory and at such a reasonable price for it as well.

As with many other pool pumps, there are going to be positive, as well as negative, reviews. However, at the price that this in-ground pool pump is running, is something that any in-ground pool owner can’t go without.

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Conclusion of the Doheny’s In-Ground Pool Pump Review

In conclusion, the Doheny’s In-Ground Pool Pump has been designed with a significant and beneficial amount of features that give this pump a good name. It has received a 4 star rating for its performance, and the fact that the price of this pool pump is incredibly affordable.

Every in-ground pool owner has to have a pump to be able to keep their pool water clean and free of debris, and they need one that is going to get the job done the proper at a price that they can afford. The Doheny’s In-Ground Pool Pump is the decision that any owner of an in-ground pool should make.