Hayward Super II Pool Pump, AZ Market

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This model of pool pump comes with a see-through cover so you can see when to empty the extra large basket. The Hayward Super II Pool Pump was built to last a long time. It’s been engineered to perform under the most demanding systems.

The Hayward Super II Pool Pump is a high performance pump. It features full-flow hydraulics. This allows the pool pump to have greater flow, which can lower the cost of operation.

The housing design, along with the heavy-duty high performance motor allows this unit to be quieter as well as cooler. The framework of the pool pump was engineered with the end user in mind. The service-ease design makes your experience with replacing parts easy and headache free.

Hayward Super II Pool Pump Features

  • The pool pump comes with a self-priming suction. It lifts up to 8 feet above water level!
  • Easy thread design makes strainer cover removal easy for you to manage. It’s always a pain to remove the strainer cover, Hayward makes it easy with this model pool pump.
  • See-thru strainer cover lets you see when the basket needs cleaning. But because the basket is bigger on this pool pump, it will allow you to clean it less.
  • 155 cubic inch basket has extra leaf-holding capacity. The load-extender ribbing ensures a free flowing operation.
  • All components are molded of corrosion-proof reinforced thermoplastic. This thermoplastic ensures extra durability and long life.

What Others Are Saying About The Hayward Super II Pool Pump

There are over 15 reviews for this pool pump. Out of the 17 total reviews, 11 of them are 5 star reviews! The main negative is the Hayward company, that’s what most people seem to be complaining about. Check out this 5 star review from this happy customer!

Strongly recommend going to the Hayward website before buying a replacement pool pump from any source. My local pool company tried to sell me a 3 HP pump that was way too big for the pool and about four times the price of the Hayward.

Buying on-line save a fortune compared to pool companies and installation is laughingly easy (connecting three wires is the hardest part) The site will walk through your specifications and requirements for any type of pool.

After doing the math and comparing prices, I decided on the higher end Hayward SP3010X15AZ 1.5 HP because of the larger basket and the excellent reviews from numerous sites and magazines. It is an excellent pump. Very quiet, very efficient.

Click the button below to save more than 70% off retail price!

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